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Castello della Colombaia

  The “Castello della Colombaia” is an ancient building located near the port of Trapani. It’s characterized by the main tower of 32 meters high, composed of four floor. Above all, it’s one of the best examples of military architecture in Sicily. Some legends trace the origin of the castle to the presence of the Trojan exiles in the city, but the actual fortification was erected around the 2nd century BC, at the end of the First Punic War. The Bourbons wanted it as a prison, and such remained until 1965. Otherwise it followed years of abandonment, which deteriorated the structure. Recently it has been restored. Nowadays thanks to the contribution of the association  “Save the Colombaia”, through a small boat can be reached and visited inside. Moreover it’s possible to make a “trip back in time”, where you can look out from the watchtower and admire the weapons, the cells and the open areas where the prisoners used to get some air or have a wash.  

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Festa di tutti i Santi

The “Pupi di Zucchero” also called “Pupaccena” is a Sicilian tradition created for the “period of the dead”. The “Pupi” are anthropomorphous statues made by sugar and painted with vegetal colours. They seems like heroes and typical characters of the sicilian theater. In the sicilian houses, the 2nd of November, women made the table full of foods. It’s thought that died relatives coming back to have dinner with alive. The “Pupi di Zucchero” were bought during fairs. It was necessary a wicker basket where put inside the gifts. In fact, the Pupi were given with chocolate, dried fruits, marturana fruits and dried bread. The tradition is lead by the legend of an Arabic noble became poor, that offered the sugar’s statues to his diners for remedy to the lack of food. Even more a second version dates from the 1574, when in Venice, to celebrate the coming of Enrico III, was organised a dinner where sailors from Palermo, that transported a sugar’s shipment, created this amazing Pupi. To realize the sweet statue, the sugar is melted in hot water inside a copper pan and mixed with a lemon juice to have a brilliant white colour. Therefore , the sugar paid into […]

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